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Best Forex PlatformSome people dislike the steep initial learning curve that goes along with learning to use new software. This dislike grows stronger when a software publisher releases new versions that oftentimes make it necessary to relearn to use the software.

Forex traders in search of the best forex trading platform are fortunate that software developers seem very fastidious when it comes to changing something for the sake of change alone. Forex brokers that offer trading platforms that only function with their brokerage take pains to make sure that their platforms are easy to understand and navigate. They want their clients trading and generating revenue for the brokerage, not attending software learning classes. Their trading platforms all very similar in many aspects such as how charts are displayed or how trading tools function.

The majority of forex access providers also offer third party trading platforms. These make switching brokers very simple since nothing changes with the trading platform. This appears to be counter to the desire of the broker to retain clients, but traders will sometimes immediately rule out a broker from consideration for not offering cross-broker platforms. Many forex traders have multiple accounts for various reasons, so the ability to instinctively place and manage orders without consciously pausing to consider the result of any given trading action is mandatory.

This is one of the main reasons why almost every forex access provider offers their clients’ free use of what many traders consider the best forex platform that has ever existed, Metatrader.

Metatrader4 is so widely available that brokers who do not offer it are more the exception, rather than the rule. Metatrader5 has been released, but the developers were careful not to make radical changes that might cause user dissatisfaction, which could have a negative effect on the license feels they receive from forex access providers.

Metatrader may not be the most intuitive to use or the easiest to learn, but it has dominated the field of forex trading platforms to such a degree that even traders who use their brokers’ proprietary platforms expect it to be there for the asking.

All forex brokers will offer extensive learning resources and simulated trading accounts so that traders can gain familiarity with Metatrader platforms before placing any actual trades. Traders will continue to take advantage of learning resources after they have begun to place live trades to gain better comprehension of Metatrader’s powerful functions that can be expanded as the trader’s skills and abilities expand.

Metatrader is well suited to all types of trading styles, but is particularly well adapted to automated trading. This offers new traders the ability to place and manage trades in a way that eliminates the strong emotions that trading under live conditions can evoke. It also makes it possible for trading to take place during peak trading hours, even if the trader is busy with other time demands, or even sleeping.

While the features of Metatrader can take a while to appreciate, someone completely new to the program will find it possible to customize the appearance and enter orders in under an hour.

An analogy exists in the comparison to word processing software. Many people will never do anything more complex that compose brief email messages and notes, never using the more elaborate features, but as their needs grow, they can learn the more advanced features as it becomes necessary.


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