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The foreign exchange currency market (Forex) averages over $5 trillion a day in trading volume.

Retail Forex traders can access this market 24 hours a day, five days a week, with nothing more than a computer or other Internet connected device, a Forex broker and trading software, some risk capital and one or more trading strategies.

Forex trading is simple. Prices can go up or down, or they can remain constant.

Exactly when they will do any of these three things is what presents the challenge and what makes it essential for Forex traders to become educated regarding the subject of accurately predicting future currency price levels.

This education is available in multiple formats. Books, either purchased or borrowed, training software, videos and live Forex training seminars are a few that many people find valuable.

Just as computers and Internet connections are ideally suited for the purpose of Forex training, however, they also supply an ideal learning environment in the form of what has come to be called the webinar.

Webinars are available from diverse sources and sampling a variety helps to shed light on the subject of Forex trading from different perspectives.

A Forex broker will offer webinars to existing and prospective clients to either encourage increased levels of trading or to solicit new clients to trade with their brokerage.

These are generally free of charge, with the broker hoping to recoup the expense involved from the fees attached to client trading transactions.

Trading platform developers will conduct webinars so that traders can evaluate and learn to use their software.

These two sources of Forex webinars usually our basic in nature, with more in-depth content available once a trading account has been funded with a broker or a license for a trading has been purchased.

The next level of Forex webinar is geared towards traders of an intermediate level, where a Forex coach will assist traders in a live trading environment.

While this type will typically offer a free trial period, at some point tuition fees will be involved.

In one common scenario, a Forex coach will produce training webinars that will provide instruction into the various technical and fundamental aspects of learning to anticipate future currency prices and combined these with a live trading room where participants can observe the coach’ theories and techniques in practice.

The upper echelon and therefore most expensive form of online webinar is where a Forex mentor works one-on-one with a trader.

One of the primary benefits of all webinars, with the exception of those conducted live during a trading session, is that they are archived for purposes of review or for being available at convenient times.

Webinars have proven to be such an effective learning and marketing tool that it is possible to attend classes dealing with any conceivable Forex subject. This gives the student/trader the freedom to focus on subject areas that are either of particular interest, or represent the opportunity to overcome a trading weakness.

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