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What if you could get into forex trading with an amount of capital that just about anyone can afford? Most forex brokers require high minimum capital requirements to open a trading account. When new traders get introduced to a trading platform, lower capital requirements mean less risk and less intimidation factor. Choose a micro trading account to ease your way into forex trading while protecting your hard-earned money.

Start your forex trading career with a minimal amount of up-front funding. When you trade forex, or any other assets, do it with funds that you can afford to lose. Trading with money that you need to make the mortgage payment is an extremely bad idea. Micro trading accounts allow you to start forex trading with as little as $100 and trade in lots as small as 1,000 units. Many standard forex trading accounts require $10,000 to $25,000 of initial capital, and you must trade a minimum of 10,000 units per trade. For the new or inexperienced trader, this can result in some large losses fairly quickly, chewing through all your capital and turning you off of trading forever.

Micro accounts offer easier and safer money management. For traders just getting started, or those that have an aversion to risk, micro accounts still allow for profits, while minimizing your chances of large losses. Some people complain that, because of the smaller trade limitations in a micro account, they cannot make any money. If you cannot make profitable trades in a micro account, consider spending more time developing your trading strategies. When you can consistently produce winning trades, even though the profits are small, then it’s time to move to a bigger account.

Use a micro account instead of a demo account to test your trading strategies. Many traders keep a demo account to try out new ideas and different types of trades and indicators. A micro account does not allow you to accrue large losses, but it still provides the sense of real money trading, so your risk-taking behavior is closer to what it would be using a standard trading account. Experiment with a combination of trading strategies that you understand and feel comfortable with. Use your micro account as a learning vehicle. Forex trading requires a lot of knowledge, which is easily obtained through books, blogs and articles from reputable authors. As you read about new techniques, indicators and strategies, a micro account is the perfect place to master them before moving on to a regular account.

Forex trading can reward you with handsome profits once you acquire the knowledge and skill to enter into good trades. New traders often risk a lot of capital, and lose it very quickly, because they have not yet developed the discipline, experience or knowledge base to trade well. A micro trading account allows you to keep control over the amount of money you commit to forex trading, and helps you develop that discipline and knowledge through a slow, steady approach. Contact LucrorFX today to see how we can help you set up a micro trading account and achieve your forex trading goals today.


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