What Is The Currency Exchange Trade

What Is The Currency Exchange Trade

The currency exchange trade is the term used to describe the trading of foreign currencies (or forex) on the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial marketplace, with over 3.2 trillion US Dollars in trading taking place on average each day. To put this into perspective, the New York Stock Exchange has an average trading volume of only 55 billion US Dollars per day. It is this foreign exchange market that determines the value of currencies around the world, on a daily basis.

The value of currencies fluctuates greatly each day, due to a number of factors including the financial stability of the specific country involved, such as inflation or local geopolitical events, as well as events happening further afield. The global financial crisis, for example, dropped the value of most currencies worldwide. As the values of currencies are constantly changing relative to each other, there is an opportunity to profit from these fluctuations through careful currency exchange trading.

Currency exchange trading has a number of key differences from other high-risk investment opportunities, such as exchanging on the stock market. For one thing, the forex market is a worldwide, international market that is not limited to a single geographical location. It is open for trading 24 hours a day, with the exception of weekends. This means that trading can take place at just about any time. The high trading volume of the Forex market means that it is the largest collection of financial assets in the world – in fact, if every known equity market in the world were to be combined, they would contain less than a quarter of the daily trading volume of the Forex market. This huge trading volume means that there is high liquidity of assets within the market, and it is relatively easy to make significant profits, at low transaction prices. (And, of course, equally easy to make devastating losses). In addition, the foreign exchange market is often more unstable and less predictable than other equity markets, due to the wide range of factors that can influence exchange rates and relative currency values.

Some major advantages of foreign exchange trading over trading in other financial markets include:
• No commissions on many trades
• The ability to trade on leverage, which increases the potential profits that can be made from the trade (however, the risk of losses also increases.)
• It is a simple market on which to trade, as there are only a limited number of currencies that can be traded, unlike the stock exchange which has thousands of options that need to be considered.
• It is easily accessible – anyone can trade on the foreign exchange market, without needing huge amounts of capital investment.

Despite these benefits, currency exchange trading is still a high risk trading option, and there is a chance that you may lose your entire investment. It is therefore imperative that potential traders are well versed in the factors that influence exchange rates and how to trade on the forex market. It is best for new comers to the market to get professional advice on how to get started.

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