Forex Currency Converter

A foreign currency converter is essential in determining the prevailing rates of exchange between two currencies. The tool basically converts the value of a currency into the relative value of another currency. Converters give only the most recent currency valuations, which are replaced immediately the exchange rate changes. It’s not unusual to consult a currency converter in the morning and again in the evening, only to find a gain or drop of a few cents from the rates you got in the morning. This is normal in forex trading, where value is determined by demand and supply of dealing prices between the international banks involved.

Traders use converters to determine the current exchange rate of a currency they want to buy or one they bought earlier, to determine if they can sell or hold on to it longer. Prior to a trader using a currency converter, they will have followed the movement of the currency for a while. There are special charts used to indicate performance of currencies, where the exchange rate of a given pair of currency is indicated over a specific period of time. Currency charts can be drafted to cover varying lengths of time, from months to minutes. Forex traders rely on the charts for detection of repetitive patterns, which gives them an indication of the future movement of the currencies.

By evaluating the chart pattern, trading range of each currency and support versus resistance, traders can speculate on the future performance of currencies, thus knowing whether to buy or not. For the trader who wants to sell, they then consult the converter for current exchange rates, which helps them in knowing whether they have a gain or a loss.

Non-forex traders also use currency converters when dealing with two different currencies. The most common way is where one travels to a foreign country. In order to accurately calculate payments for items and services in that country in the current exchange rates, they must use a currency converter. To exchange their home country currency for the host country currency, they will also need to consult a currency converter for the current rate of exchange.

Online currency converter tools will give a slightly different rate than that quoted by banks locally. This is because the banks rely on currency exchanges for profit. The rates they give you will probably be lower than what you get from online converters, since they have factored in their profit.

Use a converter to calculate how much you can withdraw at a local ATM if you are in a foreign country. The converter allows you to make accurate calculations of how much the cash in your account is worth in local currency. From the rates you get, you can then take into account charges like the withdrawal fee. Local ATM machines may charge different rates from what your bank charges you so it is always to consider these differences. In this way, the converter helps you make accurate calculations and avoid denied withdrawals which can attract charges.


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