What happens with my positions overnight?

We use swaps to roll over open position overnight. They can be both negative and positive depending on the difference of interest rates and swap rates of broker’s counterparties. Suppose the interest rate of ECB (European Central Bank) 4.25% per annum and FED interest rate is 3.5% per annum. Assume that you have a short open position on EUR/USD per 1.0 lot. So you have to sell 100 000 Euro that involves borrowing them at the rate of 4.25%. By selling Euro we buy US Dollars, which we deposit at the rate of 3.5%. In all our expenses on the transaction: (4.25 – 3.5)% annual or at the rate EUR/USD 0.9000: $675 a year or $1.85 a day.

So, the swap for rolling over 1 lot short position on EUR/USD will be $1.85 debited. But if you have a long position then the swap will be $1.85 credited. In fact reality there is a little more than $1.85 debited and a little less than $1.85 credited. This “little bit” is taken by the broker for transferring your position to the next day.

Note: The FX market is a Spot market; this means that deals are due to settle two business days later. The date when they are settled is referred to as the value date. The act of rolling the currency pair over is known as tom next, which stands for tomorrow and the next day. Note, that the interest “paid” for the position left open from Wednesday to Thursday is three times higher as the value date for the position opened on Wednesday is Friday. When you roll your position over from Wednesday to Thursday, Monday not Saturday becomes the value date.

What are Lucror Capital Markets’s business hours?

You can trade foreign exchange from Sunday 23:00 CET till Friday 22:00 CET. In case of any problems with Internet connection you can call to our operators to make a deal by phone. Technical support works 24 hours a day and always ready to answer your questions. The working schedule for our departments (back-office, payments, etc) is Monday thru Friday 09:00 CET to 17:00 CET.

How can I calculate my profit on foreign exchange?

For example, you buy 2.0 lots in USD/JPY on FOREX at the price 117.89. You closed this position at 118.40.

When you open the position you buy 200,000 USD and sell 117.89 * 200,000 = 23,578,000 JPY.
When you close the position you sell 200,000 USD and buy 118.40 * 200,000 = 23,680,000 JPY.

USD fall away and you have +102,000 JPY, that makes +861.49 USD according to the close price. This is your profit.

Note: Lucror ProTrader automatically calculates your profit or loss in realtime.

What is the value of 1 pip on foreign exchange?

For example, let’s calculate one pip value for 1 lot on GBP/CHF. We are supposed to open 1.0 lot buy position at the price 2.3300 and close this position at the price 2.3301.

When we open this position we buy 70,000 GBP and sell 2.3300*70,000=163,100 CHF. When we close this position we sell 70,000 GBP and buy 2.3301*70,000=163,107 CHF.

GBP fall away, and we have +7 CHF, that makes +7/(currency rate USD/CHF)=+7/1.6010=4.37 USD.

Thus, when we gain 1 pip on 1 lot on GBP/CHF on FOREX, we get profit 4.37 USD. So this is one pip value on GBP/CHF. You can calculate one pip value at other currency pairs at the same way.

Can I trade with less leverage?

The maximum leverage we allow is 100:1. If you prefer a different leverage amount, send an email to your sales person at Lucror and we will adjust the leverage.

Why wasn’t my stop or limit order executed?

Let’s look at the bars’ formation technique in Lucror ProTrader:

* High – it’s the maximum BID over a period

* Low – it’s the minimum BID over a period

Thus minimum ASK is equal to Low + Spread, and maximum BID is equal to High.

Stop Loss and Take Profit of open Buy position will be executed when the Bid price in the quotes flow becomes equal to the order level.

Stop Loss and Take Profit of open Sell position will be executed when the Ask price in the quotes flow becomes equal to the order level.

Pending Buy Limit and Buy Stop will be executed when the Ask price in the quotes flow will be equal to the order level.

Pending orders Sell Limit and Sell Stop will be executed when the Bid price in the quotes flow will be equal to the order level.

Note: Stop orders are resting orders, once they are touched by the ask price on Buy Stops and the bid on Sell Stops, they become market orders and are filled at the best available price in the market.

Can I analyze your quotes on my own charting software?

Yes, you can – via built-in DDE-server, enabling to deliver the quotes to the most of technical analysis software.

How do I access my account history in the Lucror ProTrader?

You should request all the History – Account History tab -> click the right mouse button and choose “All History”.

How do I change my password in Lucror ProTrader?

Once you log into Lucror ProTrader, go to Tools, then select Options. Click on the Server Tab and then select Change. A new box will open that requires you to input the current password, then select Master Password for trading or Investor Password for investors only that don’t have trading capabilities. Then type in the new password twice and then hit OK.

What is the difference between the demo account and live account?

The only difference is that there is no capital at risk when trading on the demo system. Lucror ProTrader demo is fully functional and more importantly, the bid/ask rates available in the demo are the EXACT rates available to our live trading clients. The demo allows you to see firsthand the consistent Interbank dealing spreads offered by Lucror Capital Markets and sample the ability to deal instantly from live, streaming quotes.

How do I open an account?

Please go to our page labelled open a Live account.

How do I deposit funds?

Please go to our Deposit page for instructions and ways of funding your account.

How do I withdraw funds?

Please complete the withdraw form and fax to our office in New Zealand.

How do I revoke a Power of Attorney?

Please complete a new Power of Attorney form and fax to our office in New Zealand.

Are there any fees charged to my account?

Lucror Capital Markets doesn’t charge any commissions on foreign exchange trades. If an introducing broker refers you to us, they may charge commissions on your account with us. Other fees we charge are wire transfer of $50 and we charge a $10 monthly maintenance fee for accounts with $150 or less in their accounts.

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