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Exchange Money Rate

As the name would imply, the exchange money rate, also called the foreign exchange rate, the forex rate or the currency exchange rate is the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another. As such, exchange rates are always quoted in pairs, between two currencies, with a bid price and an ask price for each currency against the other; the difference between the bid price and the ask price is also known as the spread. This spread between the offer and sale price for any currency pair will comprise the profit margin for intermediaries, such as banks, brokers and forex dealers, who execute forex transactions for their retail and institutional clients.

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Forex Trading Systems

The purpose of a foreign exchange trading system is to create a standard of trading activity that determines when you start and end trades based on the price. Discretionary and mechanical are the two common types of trading systems. Discretionary systems have signals that the trader must contemplate. The trader may make a decision based on the demonstrated signals. There is a lot of flexibility with this system because traders can try to analyze the signals. Mechanical trading systems utilize set numbers of signals to determine if the market has changed and what should be done about a trade.

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Metatrader Expert Advisor Overview

Metatrader 4 platform is regarded as the most preferred free trading platform currently utilized by traders. It comes equipped with a comprehensive trading tool called the Metatrader Expert Advisor. This has become a great addition to the trading process that many brokers and traders have been able to use to increase their productivity. In order to conduct trades effectively in the forex market, it is essential for traders to have an expert advisor that can implement investment strategies and appraise different quotes.

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FX Schedule

The Foreign Exchange Market, also known as FX market, is unique because it trades 24 hours except on weekends. Perhaps, this characteristic of the FX market has made it the fastest growing major trading market in the world. Unlike the stock market, which only suites a trader who can actively participate during the local session, Forex trading continues without a break. The trading environment is also appropriate for intra-day and swing traders who can participate in the market anytime and anywhere in the world.

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Stop Loss Orders


Usually within a few minutes or at most, a couple of hours, new FOREX traders will discover the concept of the stop loss order.

The purpose of this order is to establish the trader’s maximum acceptable loss on a currency exchange transaction.

A prudent, well disciplined trader will usually calculate this maximum loss level either before submitting an entry order, or very shortly thereafter. Monetary losses are theoretically limited only by the trader’s total account equity without this safety measure in place.

Basic Types of Stop Loss Orders

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Foreign Exchange Markets

The foreign exchange market (also known as forex) is a global financial market for trading currencies. Trading currencies is currently the world’s largest market. It consists of almost a trillion in daily volume. During the weekdays, around the clock, worldwide financial centers act as anchors of trading between a variety of different types of buyers and sellers. The relative value of different currencies is determined by the foreign exchange market.

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