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Using Technical Analysis in Forex Markets

Technical analysis has practical uses for investors in all types of asset classes and markets, regardless of whether the investor’s focus is stocks, commodities or foreign exchange. Indeed, many of the technical and analytical tools commonly relied on by investors can be applied and understood in the context of different investments even if the investor is unfamiliar with that particular type of trading: simply put, if you have trained yourself to rely on your analysis of charts, for example, and have learned to spot certain chart patterns and respond to them when making your stock trading decisions, then you already have the skills needed to analyze Forex charts and apply the exact same methodology, responding to the same patterns, regardless of whether you have Forex trading experience.

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Fibonacci Methods in Forex Trading

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Fibonacci numbers and are familiar with their famous sequence of 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21…..continuing onward as two adjacent numbers are simply added together to make the next number in the series. There’s an equally good chance that you’re not aware that the real Fibonacci magic lies in the relationship between the numbers—the ratios—and not in the numbers themselves. It’s the ratios that have been used throughout the ages to influence architecture and music, and that are found throughout nature, and it’s the ratios that can have a direct and positive effect on your forex trading decisions if you let them.

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How to Use Interest Rate Parity to Trade Forex?

Interest Rate Parity is a theory that attempts to explain the relationship between interest rates and foreign exchange rates by demonstrating that hedged returns in different currencies should be identical, regardless of exchange rate differentials or levels. The concept is expressed both in terms of “covered” and “uncovered” interest rate parity.

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Top 10 Forex Money Management Tips

Forex trading is no different than any other business venture: if you fail to protect your capital, your venture simply will not survive. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten money management tips for your reference so that you’re aware of the most sensible and effective capital-protecting strategies to incorporate into your trading paradigm.

1. Trade only with funds that you can afford to lose. This is the cardinal rule of trading and should require no further explanation.

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How to Learn Forex Trading?

The briefest web search on “how to learn Forex trading” will provide you with numerous results, most of which lead you back to Forex dealers and brokers offering themselves up as a resource on the subject. These providers uniformly claim to have crafted the best and most perfect system to teach you how to trade forex, promising almost mind-boggling results if you’ll only buy their DVD’s, course books, seminars, and the like.

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STP (Straight Through Processing) Forex

STP (Straight Through Processing) ForexWhen it comes to trading in the foreign exchange market, you’re going to need a broker to be able to access the market. While there are hundreds of different brokers to choose from, they are not all created equally and they do not all provide the same types of service. Some brokers are considered market makers and simply take the opposite position of you when you place a trade. Another form of broker, known as an STP or straight through processing broker, uses a different model of handling trades. Using this type of broker can provide you with some different advantages and considerations as a trader.

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Online FX Broker

Online FX BrokerTrading in the foreign exchange market is one of the most dynamic and exciting ways to make money as an investor. If you are just starting to learn about the potential of the Forex market, you may be unsure how to proceed. While you do need a successful trading strategy, you also need a conduit to access the market. The way that retail traders access the Forex market is through an online FX broker. If you are unsure of how to use this type of brokerage, there are some basic tips to keep in mind.

What is an Online FX Broker?

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Forex Pricing

Forex PricingWhen you get started in the foreign exchange market, all of the terms and lingo can be a little bit confusing for the average person. When you log into your trading platform for the first time, it may seem like a lot of bells and whistles, and none of them make sense. As a result, the area of Forex pricing can seem a bit overwhelming at times. If you are confused about how currency pairs are priced and how this affects you as a trader, you’re not alone. Here are a few things to consider about Forex pricing and how it works.

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Instant Market Execution

Instant Market ExecutionThe speed at which one is able to trade in the forex market matters a great deal more than it may seem. Those who can have their orders executed the fastest are often the ones who end up with the best trades. Slower trades have to settle for whatever is left over from these instant traders. Many forex brokers are starting to take note of this and update their systems wherever possible to make instant transactions more available. However, there is one broker that has already done this.

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Does The Oil Market Affect Forex Trading?

Does The Oil Market Affect Forex TradingForeign exchange trading is the largest financial market in the world. An average of $3 trillion is traded every day. The distinguishing factor of this market is the lack of a central exchange. The market spans across many networked banks, and other entities that deal with the buying and selling of foreign currencies. It is almost impossible to accurately predict the movement of the values of the currencies that are traded. Numerous factors affect the values of these currencies. The oil market is another major market, and questions usually arise on whether it affects trading in Forex markets.


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