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Forex Fraud Cases

Forex Fraud CasesForeign exchange fraud has been growing in recent years. Driven by the recession, and the natural desire to succeed, many people are vulnerable to arguments guaranteeing a high rate of return. Despite the buyer knowing less about foreign stocks than the home stock market, somehow buyers become convinced they can make a killing overseas. The foreign exchange market is often built on paper transactions; real money is not passed but positions in future transactions. Most often, the foreign markets trade positions on currency.

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What is Forex Leverage?

What is Forex Leverage? learn more with LucrorFX.The foreign exchange currency, known more simply as Forex, is a market where a high number of banks, institutions and other special traders network to make speculation regarding the fluctuation of exchange rate. To put its popularity into perspective, activity in the Forex market on a daily basis is over 50 times that of the New York Stock Exchange daily activity. Often, novice traders attempt trading in Forex due to it being open at all hours, which allow them to trade after working a regular job. However, the risk is greatly increased with the role of leverage.

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