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What Is The Forex Knight Rider?

Benefits of Knight RiderForex Knight Rider is a proprietary forex “electronic assistant” (also commonly known as a “forex trading robot”) which is available for sale to the general public. As is the case with all forex robots, Knight Rider is simply a software program, whose marketers claim that use of the robot can increase your trading profits; such robotic software programs function by identifying market trends based on historical data and acting on them for you. While many such programs are available for purchase, Knight Rider’s distinction is that it trades only in the US dollar-Euro currency pair. Purchasers of any forex trading robot must exercise a degree of caution in their usage. While these programs may prove to be helpful in providing the trader with support (typically by executing trades for the trader when the trader is not himself available, or when certain pre-set parameters are met), placing undue reliance on these electronic assistants can lead to a trader’s entire profits being wiped out, or even to a significant loss. These robots can only behave in a manner programmed by the trader and as such, have no ability to correct themselves when the markets move in reaction to news or events affecting the dollar-euro relationship. Unless the trader pays careful attention to overseeing the robot’s activities, then, the net effect of utilizing such automated software can be the exact opposite of the trader’s intentions.

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What Are Forex Robots Used For?

What is a Forex RobotIt’s no surprise that so-called “forex robots” have become ubiquitous in the world of forex trading. After all, our world becomes more digitized every day, and our thirst for new technologies appears unquenchable. With technology enhancing almost every aspect of contemporary life, it’s as much a given that forex traders would want to avail themselves of every technology hyped to give “an edge” as it is that the makers of such technologies would want to sell them. So where’s the problem?

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How to Turn Forex Trading into a Successful Business

How to become the best forex traderTurning your forex trading into a successful business is a process that is no more difficult, or easy, than the process of guiding any other business, engaged in any other business segment, toward becoming a profitable venture. If you approach your forex trading activities as a business, and follow the same sound business practices and procedures as all other entrepreneurial, start-up enterprises, then you’ll be building a strong foundation upon which you can construct a framework to support your success. The methods, and the rules, are identical.

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How does Inflation Affect my Investments?

How does Inflation Affect my InvestmentsInflation is a concept that is very easy for investors to grasp: at its core, inflation is simply an annualized measure of the increase in the cost of living. As such, anyone who is investing for their retirement would be well-served to keep inflation rates at the forefront of their thoughts when making investment decisions; any retirement-minded investor who fails to, does so at their own peril. Inflation can significantly erode investment return, in many cases prohibiting retirees from maintaining their accustomed standard of living. It’s the bogeyman under the bed which, when combined with taxes, can traumatize retirees throughout their golden years.

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What You Need To Know About Forex Trading

Forex trading intrigues many, with its promise of quick turnover and high gains, yet few understand how forex trading works,  and even fewer are informed enough to engage in it in a profitable manner. If you’re an investor who emphasizes growth over value and are the type who prefers to have a hand in each investment-related decision, as opposed to handing your affairs over to a money manager or to trading in managed funds, then you’ve probably got what it takes to be successful at trading forex. Here’s what you need to know.

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5 Steps to Become a Successful Forex Trader

5 Steps to Become a Successful Forex TraderAs with all forms of financial trading, forex trading—the buying and selling of currency pairs based on the exploitation of changes in price, or of the spreads between currencies—is associated with the assumption of certain risks. The distinction between a successful trader and one who only experiences marginal success, if any, lies in how the trader prepares for the risks associated with forex trading, and how they manage their risk as they engage in their trades. While much of risk mitigation lies in the fundamental methodology used by individual retail traders, regardless of the methodology utilized, taking the following steps is de rigueur for establishing a pattern of success in trading forex:

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Should I Invest in the EURO?

Should I Invest in the EUROMore than a decade after its much-ballyhooed introduction, the Euro—a currency that started out strong and full of promise—seems dazed and confused: it thinks it’s American…and it thinks it’s 2008.

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