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Forex Trading For Muslim Accounts

Forex Trading For Muslim AccountsMuslim Forex accounts are popularly known as “No Riba” accounts. These accounts are structured to enable members of the Muslim community trade Forex, without breaking the teachings of Shariah law. The Islamic law dictates that Muslims should not expect anything in return, when they give. This means that a Muslim should not take any kind of interest, while doing any business transaction. This belief led to the development of Forex accounts for Muslims. Initially, the accounts were strictly reserved for practicing Muslims, to lock out the non-Muslims, and non-practicing Muslims. Nowadays, it is much easier to open the account, even if you are not a Muslim.

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Forex Trading Hours, When Should I Be Ready For Trading?

Anyone who wants to speculate on currency prices in the foreign exchange currency market (FOREX) is well advised to become adequately acquainted with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The reason this is necessary is because Forex markets trade 24 hours a day, five days a week. Market liquidity experiences peak periods of activity. Knowing these and how they relate to your local time is essential to developing a trading schedule.

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Trading Forex To Advance Your Financial Position

Trading Forex To Advance Your Financial PositionEvery day, investors trade native currencies for foreign currencies in a foreign exchange market, also known as a forex market. Most forex exchanges exist in the world’s largest and wealthiest cities: New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Zurich. Up until relatively recently, the only way to invest in foreign currencies was to either travel abroad to one of many cities and exchange native currency for local currency or through the trading floors of one of the various forex markets. However, thanks to the many technological advances in personal computers and the unparalleled connectivity of the Internet, investors large and small can advance their financial positions by investing in foreign currencies from the comfort of their own living rooms.

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Becoming An Online Forex Broker

Becoming An Online Forex BrokerBeing an online Forex broker is a great career opportunity for those interested in finance and international markets. It is a relatively simple process that does take some work, but it is actually something that can be achieved rather quickly compared to some other careers. Here is what you should do in order to become an online Forex broker.

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Finding A Forex Trading Program

Finding A Forex Trading ProgramTrading currency requires a certain level of knowledge and because of the volatility of currency trading it often recommended that before starting to trade a live account that novice traders take advantage of training through a forex trading program. A Forex Trading Program can be defined in one of three distinct ways and each definition entails a completely different meaning and outcome. Novice traders should be able to determine their training needs at the end of this article.

Forex Trading Platforms

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What Is The Currency Exchange Trade

What Is The Currency Exchange Trade

The currency exchange trade is the term used to describe the trading of foreign currencies (or forex) on the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial marketplace, with over 3.2 trillion US Dollars in trading taking place on average each day. To put this into perspective, the New York Stock Exchange has an average trading volume of only 55 billion US Dollars per day. It is this foreign exchange market that determines the value of currencies around the world, on a daily basis.

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How to Get Started On Trading Forex

How to Get Started On Trading ForexForex, which stands for foreign exchange market, is an international financial market for trading different types of currency. The FX determines the value of currency related to other types of currencies. This makes currency conversion possible and rather easy. Before you get started with Forex trading, you need to do a couple of things.

First, you must learn how to trade in the Forex market. Reading articles online will help, but it’s best to attend seminars or Forex courses taught by well-known professionals. Learn about the latest trading strategies and talk to other, preferably more experienced, Forex traders for tips.

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What Does Trading on Margin Mean

In the financial world, investing and trading can be a complicated network of terms, numbers, options, choices and variables. Many of these terms are used to try and confuse investors who are unfamiliar with the markets, as well as to stymy regulators of the financial markets. One term that is well understood amongst successful investors is margin.

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Forex Economic Calendar

Forex Economic Calendar; lucrorfx.The Forex Economic Calendar marks a series of global macroeconomics events that have a significant and immediate impact on foreign exchange rates. The reason that each event on the list is noteworthy is that it drives one of the key factors of foreign exchange, namely interest rates, gross domestic product (GDP) or trade. Forex trades are based on the perceived relative value between currencies; any event that has the potential to alter this relative value is of importance to international markets, and the expectation, as well as the reality, is important to understand.

A Brief Discussion on the Factors That Drive Foreign Exchange

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Forex Fraud Cases

Forex Fraud CasesForeign exchange fraud has been growing in recent years. Driven by the recession, and the natural desire to succeed, many people are vulnerable to arguments guaranteeing a high rate of return. Despite the buyer knowing less about foreign stocks than the home stock market, somehow buyers become convinced they can make a killing overseas. The foreign exchange market is often built on paper transactions; real money is not passed but positions in future transactions. Most often, the foreign markets trade positions on currency.

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